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We Provide reliable and quality services and products at a consistent and competitive price, with the flexibility necessary to serve the ever-changing needs and requirements of our customer base.


One of the keys to understanding the opportunities of tubing is to appreciate the value of its versatility. The vast range of potential chemistries, thermal treatments and dimensional combinations provides the seller with a constant potential for new sales through new requirements, improvement on a current use, or conversion from bar application to tubing.

A motivated sales person, comfortable with product specifications and jargon and unafraid to probe into blueprint level detail will discover potential tubing business in any sales territory in this country. Because of the flexibility of design, there can be no comprehensive listing of tubing applications.

our Mission

At Dial Tube & Metals Company we strive To Conduct all business dealings in the highest ethical and professional manner with regard to our partners in business – our suppliers, our customers, and our employees, to our mutual benefit.


After almost 35 years of services to the Steel Service Center Industry, Dial Tube & Metals Company remains steadfast in its dedication to its primary principles of selling to recognized stocking distributors and providing quality products and outstanding service at a fair and competitive price.


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